Saturday, March 25, 2006

still going

Haven't lost any weight, but ....

I do feel stronger, and the exercise is getting easier. I dropped a
notch on my belt, but the next day it felt too tight. Had to shovel
snow a couple of days last week. Snow shovelling turned out to be
great exercise. I wore my heart monitor and got in two extra long

While I feel it is important to work the plan and not get ahead of
myself, I did get 50 minutes in tonight instead of the normal 25.

I have started throwing in some push-ups. I can tell significant
improvement. 20 seems like my maximum, but it is a lot easier than it
was a month ago.

Feb 18th, I wrote:
stats to date:
Levis 550 36 inch waist are snug.
weight is > 230 < 235
conditioning is poor; I get winded from the 4 flights of stairs still.
No routine exercise program.

As of Mar 25th:
levis 550 36 inch are comfortable.
weight is > 235 < 240
conditioning is better, I don't get overly winded from 4 flights of stairs.
I have a routine exercise program.

I do wish my weight would start to drop. My snacking has went up.
Having been drinking a lot of water, but I am still not using caffiene.

I expect some good results out of next month. With warmer weather, I
will start to exercise outiside a little.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

10 out of 15

Motivation continues to lag, but I have kept going.

A few things that make it easy to keep the heart rate up.

jumping; believe it or not, jumping up to a chair or up two stairs -
even across the floor - has amazing results on the heart.

jump rope is nice.

pull-ups work well; even if you can't actually complete a pull-up, the
attempt causes the heart to run up nicely.


Monday, March 13, 2006


So far in March, I have missed 5 days out of 12. Today I lack the
motivation to go again. I ate too much for dinner, so I am ready to
sleep not exercise.

Yesterday, I worked all evening. The day before I had a great time
exercising. The program is working. Why do some many people find it
so easy to quit?

I don't know the answer, and I am one of those people. I will not
quit today. I will exercise today.

missed only 5 days out of 13.