Sunday, April 30, 2006

how does this work?

Being new to exercise, although I am 38, I have a few questions. I
have been exercising faithfully for two months -- that's great. I
have been doing at least 25 min at 125 or above -- trying to stay
closer to 140 - 150.

I gained about 5 pounds at first. I am back down to where I started.
I expected more.

I have a shin splint in my right leg that is keeping me from running
much. I walk up hills a lot to get the heart rate in the right range.

Shouldn't this exercise be having more of an impact on my weight? I
haven't exactly been dieting, but I did cut out caffeine for the past
three months, and I haven't had fries in ages.

I have still have faith, and I will continue to exercise.

I just wish I saw more results.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

progress in exercise

When you aren't in shape, you need to look for little signs of improvement.

1) I am still doing the exercise, so that alone is a success.

2) I feel a little stronger and more coordinated during exercise.

I also quite drinking anything but water -- at least for the last two
weeks. When I got off of caffeine, I started drinking a lot of
lemonade -- sugar free or sometimes full sugar. I wasn't losing any
weight; I have started to lose a little. I think I will reach my goal
of 229 by May 31st.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

one month

Even though I actually started a few days before March 1st, I consider
March 1st to be my official start date. Today is April 1, so one
month is gone.

I haven't lost any pounds. I can tell that I am in better shape, and
I feel better. I look forward to exercise, and if I don't get my time
in, I get very disappointed.

Bad news? I think my stomach actually looks a little bigger.

235 < weight < 240