Friday, May 19, 2006

exercise alone isn't enough...

I haven't been losing much weight with only exercising. If you think
about how many calories are being burned during a good 30 min routine
(maybe 300), it isn't enough to offset bad eating habits.

I am afraid that a diet of some kind must go along with exercise.

I found a few medical articles that say the low-carb diet is better
than the low-fat diet for the first 6 months, but people gain the
weight back more often after the low-carb, so I am sticking with a
reduce-fat diet. I don't think I will do anything crazy.

I also starting taking some fiber supplements -- simple
over-the-counter style. It seems to help a lot with cravings.

And, I added a once-a-day vitamin; although, I am taking it twice a day.