Saturday, January 06, 2007

is this going to work?

Running to get thin is taking much longer than I expected. When I
read information on running, it is usually about how many pounds you
will lose if you run. The trouble behind these statements is that you
tend to eat more when you start exercising. It is so easy to eat way
more calories than what is burned during exercise.

I hope to make it to my destination of weight lose, and if I do, I
want to show others that it is possible.

A lot of the successful people in the running world were athletes in
high school; I was not. I am overweight and out of shape. It's my
turn to change, and I want to bring others with me.


still running

It has been too long since my last post -- technical trouble and laziness.

I have lagged in motivation during November and December. I am back
now. I am reading more and more of Jeff Galloway's material. He's

I also just finished Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes -- outstanding
book and very funny also.

While the main purpose of my running is to lose weight, I have the
following goal at present for my running:

Goal of 35 miles per week.

At my level of fitness, I need activity as much as miles.

At 13.5 min/mile, 35 miles would equal 7.875 hours.

My current long-run-goal is 7 miles, so that would take 1.575 hours --
leaving 6.3 for the rest of the week.

Run/walking 4 days a week leaves 3 days (one day taken for the
long-run) to get in the 6.3.

One of the 3 days needs to be a light day.

Here's an example (21 miles spent run/walking, so the other 14 must
come from walking or other activities. 14 miles equivalent to 3.75
hours - waking at 16min/mile)

Monday -- medium day run/walk ( 5 miles/ 67.5 min)
Tues - light run/walk ( 3 miles/ 40.5 min)
Wed -- 5.62 miles/ 1.5 hours walk
Thurs -- heavy run/walk ( 6 miles/ 81 min)
Fri -- 5.62 miles/ 1.5 hour walk
Sat -- long-run run/walk (7 miles/ 1.575 hours)
Sun - 2.8 miles/ 45 min walk

This totals 35.04.

Every 2nd week backs down to 28.03 miles (20% less) and 4th week backs
down to 17.52 miles (50%)

As the long-run-goal increases the over all goal of 35 will increase,
but the other runs will not increase by much.