Sunday, April 29, 2007

walking again

It's been a long winter. I came out of winter at the same weight I
entered. I am not very pleased with my progress, but it could be

I am still at 235 this morning. I have been at about 235 since last
August. I got down to 225 during July, but I backed off on exercise.
I am walking at least an hour per day now, and it seems to be working.
I have lost about 2 pounds in the past two weeks. I will keep

I also went to the bio-mechanic lab at the University of Nebraska at
Omaha. I'll post the results when I get the report. The test
consisted of range of motion measurements, flexibility test and video
of a 2 min walk and a 2 min run.

I must keep the faith that daily exercise will work. I want to run,
but if I try running, it becomes hard enough that I don't want to keep
it up. I run a little in the middle of my walks, but I make sure to
get in a hour, so if need to stop running in order to reach a hour, I