Monday, September 24, 2007

decision point

Here we are.

Started in Feb/06 with a plan to lose weight. Hasn't worked.

I am at least 18 months into it and haven't really lost any weight at all.

I have learned to like exercise.
I have purchased a treadmill that I love to use.
So all is not lost.

I haven't done anything toward eating less or exercising in the last
couple of months.

I feel like I am at a decision point to get back on the horse. I need
to find motivation. I spoke with my mom over the weekend, and my
uncle is overweight, has diabetes, heart trouble, high blood
pressures, etc -- all due to being too fat. I feel like he's my
future if I don't change.

I need to change for a better life not just a slimmer waist.

More to come.