Friday, February 13, 2009

pep rally

First a quiz:
1) Is $2:50 a lot for a gallon of gas?
2) Is 48 degrees farenheit cold?
3) Is 60 thousand per year a lot of money?
4) Is 5% return on investment good?

Can you see that the answer to the questions always depends on you? $2:50 for gass is good news if you've been paying $4:00. You must make a choice. Either way choose good or bad it is up to you.

One day I realized that my emotions about the weather, unemployment rate, price of gas, or type of car I drove are more about my choices than the condition itself. I am not suggesting we leave sanity at the door. Obviously a car that doesn't get me to work, price of gas beyond what I can pay, or temperature that freezes your skin are real boundries.

I'm thinking about the other 90+% of our lives that fit between the boundries. Our mental life is more like bowling. As long as we stay out of the gutters, a little curve could be a good thing.

My request to you is a simple one. Make a decision about today and live on purpose. Remember what it felt like to have a great year? Is it okay to make a choice to feel that way every year? I think it is.