Tuesday, December 28, 2010

body fat percentage goal?

He claims if obese then aim for 20% -- so 20% it is for me. Based on pictures, I'm guessing I'm 30 to 35% now.

Total Inches (TI)

one tool to measure from 4 hour body is Total Inches (TI):
* both upper arms (mid-bicep)
left = 13
right = 14.25
waist = 44
hips = 45
left thigh = 23
right thigh = 23.5
TTI = 162.75

www.fourhourbody.com a new book by Timmothy Ferris

okay - I do like this author.  I think I'm going to get started.

According to his book, I need some before stats to benchmark my progress. I'm having some trouble finding a DEXA or DXA scan in Omaha. I let you know what I find.

stay tuned....

Monday, December 06, 2010

getting back in the saddle

I haven't weighed myself since the last post, so I might be wrong, but I feel like I'm doing well. I've joined the McKesson weight loss club, and I find it fun to receive the daily emails with suggestions and tasks.

Might be getting ill though - worried about that; we'll see.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visiting an old friend - http://www.mckenna.com

I've always fought for weight lose, and I did get down to below 190. Now I'm back to 220.  Still 15 pounds lower than where I lived most of the time. 

I'm going back to the basics. I lost the first time by reading Paul McKenna's book, "I can make you thin." and listening to his suggestive CD.  Instead of just re-reading the book, I've joined his online club.

Looking forward to getting control over food again.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

207 warning

My best weight has been about 190, and I'm back up to 207.  Back to the basics.

1) forgive myself for gaining the few pounds back - all the mental yelling doesn't help.

2) expect direction not results. focus on what I know works; dance with whom you came with - don't look for a new quick fix.

More to come.