Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back near square one

I'm easily 230. Close enough to where I started all this weight loss.

I started on December 3rd 2005 - well, at least that's when I started blogging about my weight battles.

Here I am almost 6 years later. Should I just started again? If I loss all the weight I need to -- taking 3 years and gain it back taking 3 years, is that better than staying fat? I think it is. I do more than I every have before.

So this time should be the easier? One thing for sure, I'm not giving up. Join me if you like.

Goal: Weigh 190 by New Year's Day 2012.
  • a little less than 20 weeks at 2 pounds per week.
Small steps to cut calories and in crease activity:
  •  No latte's for next 4 days -- replace with zero calorie energy drink
  • lengthen daily dog walk by 10 min
Here we go...