Friday, October 14, 2011

kung fu panda 2 life style

yes - I know. I got my philosophy from a cartoon.

The cartoon is wonderful, and my kids loved it. I walked away with the main theme of "Who do you choose to be?".  Who do I choose to be? someone who eats whatever they like? and is 50 pounds+ overweight and gaining?

About a month ago I got an app ( on my iphone to help track calories -- in the end, it is the delta between what we take in and what we burn that determines our weight. I know this -- you know this.

Tracking calories is just easy for me.  I focus on nutrition later.  I've lost 8 pounds and doesn't seem to be too difficult; we'll see. No tricks; no meditation tape to listen to, no program to follow -- just make some common sense choice about how many calories I choose to eat.

I am what I choose to be.... thanks Panda.

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